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Educational Paradigm: Learning With And From Your Students

On Christmas Day, we published this post, which brought attention of someone we don't know whether he is a teacher or is he related to education, either way, he picked this post and added an interesting note.

Hellio said it out loud in his InterWeb Notes:

"OK, but go ahead and say it. Dump the classroom model entirely. Our students live in a jungle and I don’t mean a blackboard jungle. And get rid of the word 'student'. And dump ‘instruction’ and ‘curriculum’ as well. It is the teachers who are the bottlenecks not the students. It won’t matter what we call them in the near future because they will be irrelevant. The classroom will never change enough to accomodate the measure of learning that is rising to meet us. Ditch it. Move on or be moved on."

Hellio is inviting to do what we've said it already here, about re-reading Here Comes Everybody from Clark Shirky.

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