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If You Aren't Into Business, Who Cares About the Twitter Search Meme

Twitter Search Meme, Who Cares?Nobody doubts that If we want schools to stay relevant in a digital age they need to keep pace with the changes in society. It just needs to be a priority, wrote Jeff Utecht last week.

Those changes are intimately linked to connections. In this field, tools as Twitter have become a priority for teachers. Diligent ones, even struggled to narrow it to a list of ten Twitter teachers you should be following.

We don't normally write about Twitter. There is a wide range of interested ones who can do it better than us, but today, we want to participate of the thread started by social media figures: Le Meur, Arrington and Scoble. They are discussing about whether Twitter should track the authority of a user, based primarily on the number of followers.

Here are the takes on his hot arena, where we are sure, only Twitter CEO Evan Williams will decide ultimately:

Sarah Lacy is grateful Loic doesn't run Twitter, and calls attention to the Silicon Valley Hoi Polloi, "Not everyone in the world who is searching something on Twitter cares what we think or knows who we are. Yes, as someone with nearly 7,000 followers, I include myself in that. If someone wants to know what only the most followed people think, he or she can just follow those people. That's how the service works."

We already stated our nonconformity with Loic Meur, If this means to let out small contributors, then I am against it.(27 DEC 08). No matter what the predictions across de web are for the 2009, Twitter will remain growing and we are not afraid, new and small participants are set aside because they don't have enough followers.

Louis Gray moves on and says that everyone is right about authority. Scoble, Arrington, and Lemeur are all right (only the three of them?) "It's important to follow smart people, yet at the same time your followers are just as important. I don't think either one is any more valuable than the other on a general level - it varies on a person-to-person experience, and that is why you see them arguing over it. That's the amazing thing behind Social Networking - there is no right or wrong answer because each individual can define their own!"

Still, the idea that Twitter should have authority search based on the number of followers a user has, is patently idiotic. Duncan Riley jumps in and says, hey who gives a shit? "After all, Twitter couldn’t even get search right in the first place, so they had to acquire a company that was offering Twitter search. Unless there’s a 3rd party Twitter tool provider by the name of “elitist people search for Twitter” I’m not aware of they can buy to do it, I’m ranking this dead in the water…or should that be Loic’s Perrier."

So, we stop here. Better to ask you add @tonnet to your list and find out who was the very first person you've started following in Twitter. Do you still love Twitter?

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