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Forget About Google Docs and Scribd. wePapers Is Here and Rocks!

wePapers is a new free online service, still in Beta, created by two Israeli students, launched on December, after 18 months in development. wePapers helps students, teachers and anyone seeking academic knowledge, come together to share and upload academic material, discuss what they study and mainly – find tons of quality lecturenotes and peer-reviewed articles.

This web application differs from Scribd, in a sense, beacause they claim to be "The YouTube of Educational Papers". we Papers, lets its users read documents and presentation right within their browsers. These materials can be shared with others and downloaded as you wish.

Teachers can take advantaje of this free open startup, because students studying a regular course or interested in the same topic can get together and form online study groups. Of course, if you prefer to have your documents private, you just have to protect them with a password.

Ehud and Hanan, the founders of wePapers, realized through their studies for their B.A. degrees that acing school doesn't have to involve agony. "We think everyone has something to teach, and anyone can become a teacher, a guru or a mentor. More important, we believe everybody deserves the right to learn for free and they are madly waiting for your thoughts.

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  1. very useful & simple site! strongly reccomended!

  2. Ya I think scribd ranks pretty well in the search engine as well so it's a good way to drive SE traffic.

  3. I am going to check you out. Look what Scribd.com did to me yesterday, incredible. I will not post the document in question, but I have been with them since they started. This is obviously some haterism going on here.



    Christopher King, J.D.