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Media Development: Access and Voice in New Technology

Cappucino is at the Global Forum for Media Development, nearly 400 people from around the world who work to support media in their own country or others, you can watch webcast here: http://gfmd.info/ or follow #GFMD08. Warning - liveblogging ahead, inaccuracies and typos guaranteed.

The Media Re:public contributor reports on the Access and Voice in New Technology - Athens, Greece December 8, 2008:

Ivan Sigal is explaining Global Voices and the challenges of serving an audience online. James asks how they’re going to sustain the work. Ivan says it’s very tough, they’re working on building on their community-driven project to make a new strategy.

Eduardo Avila explains Voces Bolivianas, a project to get marginalized people in Bolivia blogging. James askes about whether this work is staying in the blogosphere or is it being picked up in mainstream media? Eduardo says it’s getting out more in the developed world, because he is Global Voices editor and features the work of Voces Bolivianas there so more people know Christina (Bolivian blogger) outside Bolivia than in.

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