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Education Today 12/09/2008

Differences In Math Success MAY Lie In The Language of the Student

What if our students have a built in disadvantage in math based on the language they speak?

What if speaking and therefore thinking in English hampers our students mathematically ability?

Author Malcolm Gladwell in his new book Outliers:The Story of Success, explores these interesting questions.

What can we learn from voices of resistance?

Learning may look different in a connective environment, but some traditional learning principles may be valid in certain circumstances. Resistance will help us evaluate those pedagogies and how they apply.

7 stupid mistakes teachers make with technology

I use stupid under fairly constrained conditions. To me, a stupid act has a degree of willfulness about it and is serious. Making an error once is ignorance; making the same mistake multiple times is stupidity. Unfortunately, I see stupid acts and beliefs related to technology in schools all the time.

Falling Into The Tech Trap

It’s not enough just to introduce a new tool, run a training session or two, and then expect that everyone (or even the majority) has picked it up - or that they have the motivation or confidence to “figure it out.” This is why we need ongoing, “just in time” professional development. Not just for the tools we’re introducing this week, but for all of the tools we have at our disposal.

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