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Why You Can Be Against the Edublogs Awards 2008

In technology you've noticed that new things come quicker and quicker, so people in the social media are to introduce them to their audiences quicker and quicker. And everyone seems quite easy to fall into this tech trap. We introduce something once or twice, assume that everyone understands how they can use the tool to improve instruction, and then move on to the next thing. But not everyone can catch up at the same speed, "most of our colleagues are still working on figuring out the initiative from the week, month, or year before." asserts, Kim Cofino of Always Learning. If they barely have time to figure it out on new technologies, how they going to be able to get into a edublogging award?

But how this is linked to the Edublog Awards 2008? Thing is passionate bloggers do not need to fall prey to wild-eyed fervour on the edublogosphere; rather they have to engage with their subjects deeply, knowledgeably, critically, sometimes emotionally, but always with commitment and authenticity. John Conell of in his blog stress what we are saying here, "Some of the best blogs I read are written by people with whom I disagree on pretty much every issue they discuss, but I enjoy them because I know they are written with passion and because they force me continually to question my own assumptions."

We have ever been in a competition and we are not even ranked well in Technorati because they are useless. We haven't made a list of nominations, of course, there are people who I like and respect deeply. A continuation, taking word from Ed.D. student and webmaster of historyshareforum.com and edte.ch, Doug Belshaw, we quote his three powerful reason why we (Doug and I) are not writing blog posts, begging readers to vote for our edublogs:

  • They foster competition instead of collaboration and co-operation.

  • They’re promoted by people who have vested interests.

  • It’s very easy to rig them.

Support technology and keep peace with it, learn about the 21 Century Literacies and keep blogging on education or if you want, write over important pieces of you!

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