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Report Card Scores for Arne Duncan

Arne Duncan Gets a D. 

Almost every other key Cabinet and advisory positions are higher than Arne Duncan's score. The Secretary of Education selected by Obama only is surpassed by all others, except by Rich Warren, who's gotten an F grade. 

Schools Matter quotes the author of this report: "Instead of selecting change-oriented experts like Linda Darling-Hammond, President-elect Obama went with the CEO of Chicago Public Schools. While some depict Duncan as a passionate reformer, others view him as a pro-privatization union-buster who has only intensified the city’s educational apartheid. At a moment where the very notion of “public” is coming under attack, Duncan represents a disturbing move toward the educational Right." 

Marc Lamont Hill asses that Obama’s Cabinet only average! Hold on a second, there is another person who pitched in, to compare the selection of Mr. Duncan as the Sarah Palin of the School System! Ouch.

Are there so many people getting wrong all the time? What do you think? 

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