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Topics for Learning, e-Learning And Technology Conversations

Imagine you had a conversation about one of these 100 topics related to learning, e-learning, and technology.

If you are a edublogger, then having you post these kind of conversations is great. "I saw a post by someone suggesting ways to come up with ideas for blog post topics and they gave some examples. The examples were not all that relevant to most of the readers of this blog, but it definitely sparked a thought for me.

Almost every time I have a conversation, I learn something new. Most of the time I learn something, I write a blog post. But I don’t have nearly enough time to have conversations, learn and write blog posts. So now that some people called me influential, I’m hoping that I can leverage my influence to inspire people to have a conversation with me and help me with my lack of time."

So, here are Tony Karrer's suggested 100 conversation topics that he wishes he had time to speak to you. The following have been our takes either on learning or technology.

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