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How To Write Google Kick -Ass Headlines For Your Blog

A while now, a friend of us asked how come one of our posts about a particular theme was listed in Google but his. I explained to him that many variables he needed to consider when looking for his headlines to appear in Google. Thing is, our friend just launched a weblog and all of a sudden, he wanted to see those posts ranked on top of search engines. I suppose, now he can feel a better rewarded, since this story occurred more than two years now.

Google keep revising frequently the system how they rank websites, the last one just occured on New Year' Eve. None of the other well know search engines are being able to hit algorithm and business Google is doing. Such is the importance of searching with Google that some people recognize in this search engine, a Doctor Google in terms of dystonia medicine.

Two bloggers we follow are Franklin Bishop and Dave Lucas. Bishop has shown two posts on how-to blog headlines (titles) that kick ass. Models and words like "Discover". "Guaranteed", "Everybody Is", "Get Rid of", "Best Way to", "The Secret of", "Do You Need" are some of the most effective blog headlines, writes franklinbishop.net

Guess where do we get from our post title this time.

On the other hand is Dave Lucas. He writes a 6 point list of how to write blog entries Google-Search-Friendly. The purpose should always be, "build a solid, bulletproof reputation" so people who find things through Google can rely on you as an authority. Remember a blogger is a single one company media outlet, you don't have edition crew. Before you decide on what it be the headline of your post ask yourself, "if you were Googling for the article you just wrote, what would you type in the Google searchbox?"

Decision: That is the most ultimate headline!

Should edublogs and edubloggers change that way we are presenting educative contents?

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  1. Good advice and thanks for the mention. Happy New Year!