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Model of School Mr. Obama Thinks , All Should Be

The Capital City Public Charter School CCPCS in D.C., after listening President's remarks, sounds like a wonderful place to send your children. Doyle a brilliant H.S. teacher in NJ, was following the visit Mr. Obama had made to the CCPCS and in his post he list the names of the money contributors who make this school "an example of how all our schools should be." Both, money can buy a decent education and involved parents have a tremendous influence over their children's success, writes the man behind Science Teacher.

Mr. President, we already know how this works and how important is funding for schools. Please, make real education transformation your goal. What about the rest of us, outside Capitol surroundings? And Science Teacher goes on with a round of "I want to know" questions:

    I want to know how Bancroft does it.
    I want to know if anyone at the national level has a clue about teaching kids.
    I want to know how Mr. Obama is going to get my class sizes down to 12 students.
    Mostly I want powerful people at high levels of government to stop playing us in the trenches.

We have to resonate what Doyle ends up stressing: Why not pay a visit to a truly public school in your neighborhood, Mr. President. Then we can talk. Ironic, but it's the truth!

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