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AP Courses For Average Students. Is it the Solution for Lack of Scientific Reasoning?

While educators have long been reluctant to tinker with a system that worked for their best students, college admissions have grown more competitive and the middle has become harder to ignore. -Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at Stanford University’s School of Education.

In a recent interview, Education Secretary, A. Duncan said, he's looking for changes in the No Child Left Child program, either he will hold on positive things (not the over testing) and probably rename it in order to comply with the new government strategies. Today, New York Times, brings in an interesting note about socializing AP courses and we think this is something, a part funding, Mr. Duncan should start working just now. Normally, we as educators or parents are concentrated in the low-low or high-high levels of achievement, but what about those who aren't getting into Ivy League schools neither hit the Intel Science Talent Search?

This group stays in the middle, and socializing AP courses is a good way to make them proud and at the same time, make them learn at their own peace. We were told to watch the education pyramid and, there only high achievers are the successful ones. Unfortunately, there are only a few who can perform to very top. The immense percentage of students just get to average and then, this is the place where we have to work harder to perform better in science and research at early stages.

The story takes place in Port Washington, Long Island, where seventh graders relate to what is like to be "included" in the AP classes"

    Port Washington, a prosperous waterfront town, has long attracted top students with extras like its three-year research program preparing students for the Intel competition. The program accepts 30 of the approximately 400 freshmen each year and has produced 44 Intel semifinalists since 2003, including three announced last month. Starting in third grade, students with I.Q.’s of 130 or higher are selected for the gifted and talented program.

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