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Education Today 03/06/2009

  • Are American students learning? -The Brown Center Report
  • Too many students already are “misplaced” in math courses they can’t handle, the report concludes: Until they’ve learned to deal with fractions, decimals or percentages, they can’t do algebra.

  • A Learning Reformation
  • Let’s face it, especially in light of how our institutions have screwed up the world, we all have to be learning together.

  • The Stimulus and After School Programs: What's Ahead?
  • After school programs are known to provide academic, emotional and social support for at-risk students [and not so risky ones], and provide a lifeline for working parents.

  • How to friend your students in Facebook . Step-by-step
  • Create a friend list containing all your students and give them access to only those parts of your profile that you want them to see.

  • Book: Wikified Schools
  • Wikified Schools answers the “what,” “so what,” and “now what” of implementing wiki use throughout all levels of a school or a district.

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