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How the iPhone Makes Students a Unique Breed of Perpetual State of Mobility

We've discovered this blog called Gearfire, that is a student productivity and organization blog, dedicated to bringing you tips for academic success. Today's post is really impressive:

As I’ve always said, says David Pierce, one of the things that makes students a unique breed is the perpetual state of mobility we’re in. Whether we’re going to class, parties or the library, our time spent in one place is often limited.

That’s why the mobility of our productivity is so important- we have to be able to bring our lives with us as much as possible. For many people, that used to mean owning and carrying a laptop.

Now, it increasingly means owning an iPhone. With the wonder that is the Application Store, you can now do more than ever on the go, right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. As students, we need the added flexibility and anywhere-productivity that the iPhone allows (that’s the line to sell to your parents…)

Read more about the seven applications for every student’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

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