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Education Today 03/31/2009

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Angela Maiers Tests the Waters of Digital Publishing

Digital publishing will bring us one very significant step closer to the reality of David Weinberger’s notion of filtering on the way out rather than on the way in.

"Knowing the Public Mind."

This is the same issue faced by all instructors who are trying to teach, but the web is a more complex instructional environment in the sense that at a minimum there are more voices and in particular unlike the enclosed classroom in which the teacher's voice is often respected, teachers on the web have more difficulty in establishing credibility, web credibility is often quite different that classroom credibility.

Why Great Teachers Are Story Tellers

When we think of a good teacher, we tend to focus on personality and on the way the teacher presents himself or herself. But that’s only half of good teaching.But then how do we make sure they think about meaning? That is where the second property of being a good teacher comes in-organizing the ideas in a lesson plan in a coherent way so that students will understand and remember.

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