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Warlick at the 2009 Educational Technology Conference in Palm Beach

Featured Speakers:Steve Dembo, Kate Kenker, David Warlick, Karl Fisch, Mark Benno, Dean Shareski. -Photo by David Warlick and used under CC License

For those who wasn't able to attend the 2009 Educational Technology Conference, keynote speaker was David Warlick. Video of his presentation is here and some of his remarks were published in his blog, as well:

He starts by saying that this conference was "one of the best organized and idea-rich conferences that I have been a part of - better than any I can remember." And speaking about the participation of students, Warlick stresses, "it is another demonstration of how we need to come to respect the learner - not just demand respect as the teacher, but pay back with respect for the learner and the places they’ll take what we teach."

Interested in education and wishing to follow more about Warlick's activities? No desperation here is another CoLearners wiki from him.

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