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"Mr. Cal" Is an Exceptional Math Teacher!

I guess you all remember the great inspirational video about Jorge Escalante. Los Angeles Times' article just remind me of those great math teachers that you can find rarely nowadays.

Sam Calavitta presides over what may be the noisiest, most spirited math class in the nation and in the video you watched testimony of Stephen Yoo attending Fairmont Preparatory Academy, he says Mr. Calavitta also known as "Mr. Cal" is recognized as a teacher who can change students, not only in school but out of school, Stephen gives credit to the former engineer who has won a national honor for his energetic commitment in the classroom. "I had never been used to putting everything I had into math, because it was relatively easy. But this year I've learned about effort, and I really appreciate that."

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  1. omg! Mr.Cal!
    I had his class in my senior year; it's damn challenging.
    I got 5 on AP test,but c+ for his class

  2. Glad to hear you can certified too, about Mr. Cal skills.