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On the Creativity and Asserted Selection of Your Son's School

Schools where the majority of class time is spent enforcing discipline are not going to attract or retain strong teachers.

Teachers talk about creativity in theirs school as it's something that can be learned. Creativity is about holding onto it and providing it a space to flourish, instead of squelching it with forms of education which numb our minds at best and kill our spirits at worst.

Living in a free-market version of welfare. The question of creativity can be easily extrapolated to the actual distribution of free software: (1) To get tax payer subsidies for your feeble programming efforts, you just write crap software (numb minds) and, (2) Sell it to taxpayer funded schools (spirit at worst). (3) Profit! (Creativity).

My point here is that there are so many things wrong with creativity and education that pointing a finger at one single part of a whole system and giving it more credit for the current state of everything seems to distract from what's really a more complicated set of causes.

This on purpose a quote of Peter Hitchens whereby he says, for some parents school choice is a joke, because their kids didn't do into the school they wanted.

Bring back support for Elementary Schools we should say to address the situation onto American schools, means you're giving the rich a free secondary education at the expense of the poor. States using money from the Stimulus Plan should try to solve this by opening more Pre-Kinder, Kinder and Elementary and bring down the point of them as diminished. This doesn't even get into the dirty tricks schools themselves use to make absolutely sure they get good table results.

Has anyone considered what the effect of giving less money to worse schools and more money to better schools might have had? It seems like a brilliant exercise in evidence-less policy making rather than evidence-based. Reminds me of a video No Future Left Behind.

On another note; anyone that looks at what teachers write on their message-boards would find a good reason to consider home-schooling, a bit popular now. I wouldn't let a lot of them teach prisoners, never mind children. Maybe it's not the system as much as it is the people; teaching is now a job, not a vocation. Who's to blame?

Back in the 2006 when this blog was written solely for Spanish community, we cited a note one of our students wrote on his notebook: school = prison; religion = ignorance.

With this kind of management of creativity, distribution of enrollment, and a school selection done on the basis of daddy's wallet and not based of the child's ability, who needs community college attendance for free! It really beats me.

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