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Education Today 04/24/2009

Getting Serious About Improving Hispanic Children's Chances
They need urgent attention on: 1) dual-language programs, and 2) more pre-kindergarten.

Looking for Virtual School Board Members - Are You Interested?It would be great if you could sign up for an entire class period, but if you only have time for a partial period, we’ll try to work it out. Your help is needed between May 15th through May 24th.

Web2.0 - On sale now
Most teachers think they use it already or worry the Internet is source of plagiarism, half truths, complexity and perverts. Then, How do you get more people to use ‘web2.0’ tools in your school?

Interview with Chad Wick and Andrea Saveri
On 2020 Forecast: They spoke about creating the Future of Learning and the conversation focused on key forces of change that will shape the landscape of learning over the next decade, and how we are moving toward a culture of creation and innovation.

Most people believe manners are unimportant in 21st century In Britain, they say that good manners cost nothing. Apparently not. For researchers have found that fewer than a quarter of them think that common courtesy is important today. And U.S?

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