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Teenagers: Inequality Being Reproduced by Social Media

Teens are using social network sites as a social hangout with their pre-existing network.

Researcher Danah Boyd over the weeken was participating at Penn State Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology. There she spoke about Living and Learning with Social Media, which gently she has made available here.

Many American youth are embracing a wide array of social media as part of their everyday lives. From social network sites and texting to blogs and wikis, many youth are leveraging the power of social media to create, communicate, share, and learn. In this talk, I will use social network sites as a case study to examine critical shifts that are underway as a result of social media. I look at how inequality is perpetuated through these systems and the challenges that educators face when trying to incorporate these systems into the classroom. Finally, I conclude by discussing implications for educators.

Danah begun to say that her talk was 'an implications talk, not a research talk' and then she keep explaining what are her concerns about uses of technology nowadays. She finds no change in the pattern of living of our young generation. She said, "Today's teens are still more interested in their friends than their lessons. They're still resistant to power and authority at variable levels. They still gossip, bully, flirt, joke around, and hang out. The underlying dynamics are fairly consistent. That said, technology is inflecting these practices in unique ways. And my goal here today is to talk about these inflection points."

We haven't thought of this one. Many hours are spent reading blogs, wikis, subscription an online newspapers, so you missed the point sometimes. I have reflected on these people who still are relying on print of radio waves and do not have internet connection but I never have reflected as what is happening with the utmost significant social networks, My Space and Facebook. When teens are segregating their peers moving from one another, this means they are reproducing the 'socio-economic status and class divisions in digital worlds' How? You have to read the article under section MySapce vs Facebook and you will learn how teens have established some kind of groups whom they decide to hang out.

A great presentation indeed and out of the echo chamber.

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