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In Times of Crisis Find a Career That Generates Respect and Self-esteem

With thousands of layoffs on a daily basis, American are obliged to rebuild their careers goals. Not profession can walk away from recession. Finances used to be king, are not employing with big pay checks anymore. High School students and colleges interns have to prepare for the future. Same as people dealt with Depression era or times when Sputnik approach was the solution.

The New Yor Times brings out today an analysis as for what should it be the careers of the near future and asking: What will the new map of talent flow look like? States:

    It’s early, but based on graduate school applications this spring, enrollment in undergraduate courses, preliminary job-placement results at schools, and the anecdotal accounts of students and professors, a new pattern of occupational choice seems to be emerging. Public service, government, the sciences and even teaching look to be winners, while fewer shiny, young minds are embarking on careers in finance and business consulting.

Teaching still is in the top careers of choice for many nowadays. What other teachers are thinking of this shift? Well, let's see what comes next and wait for the best resources to stay.

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