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'Tweeting' Between Students, Faculty Gains Popularity at Princeton

Twitter is an interesting and deeply human phenomenon. -David Robinson

You all know what it means to be enrolled in one the Ivy Leagues. Fox News ran a story last week where clearly students and faculty from well respected Princeton University, showed probe as how important it is to keep educational environment connected through social networks:

    The microblogging format of Twitter—which has become increasingly popular on campus—may bring administrators and faculty members like Harris-Lacewell closer to students, as they divulge personal details of their lives in an informal setting.

    With an estimated 5 million users, Twitter is the third largest online social network, after facebook.com and myspace.com. On the website, founded in 2006, users can post messages of up to 140 characters that are listed on the site’s public timeline. Users can also choose to “follow” the posts, or “tweets” of other Twitterers.

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