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How to Use Blogging in Learning

Stephen Downes does not need presentation. He has posted his Handbook Sumission for a forthcoming STRIDE handbook for The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

The submission is a great summary of the uses of blogs. As for our interests, there is the last section written under 'How to Use Blogging in Learning' that all educators should read and among other topics Mr. Downes describes, the addressing bullying as quick as possible plus how teachers must start leading by example:

    Before requiring students to blog, instructors should lead by example, creating their own blogs and adding links to interesting resources and commentary on class topics. This not only produces a useful source of supplemental information for students, it creates a pattern and sets expectations for when students begin their own blogging.

Read more at the 'half an hour' place for writing of Stephen Downes.

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