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Education Today 04/15/2009

Education - Free Speech? Not in Schools
Thomas Jefferson Center has announced the winners of the 2009 Muzzle Awards. The awards "honor" the most egregious First Amendment infractions across the country. This year's recipients range from the corralling of protesters at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to three high school-related incidents.

Educators using technology to improve writing
"Writing Between the Lines -- and Everywhere Else," -Students are to spend more time writing outside class on computers and cellphones and that teachers should tap that interest and find ways to merge the two rather than focusing on research papers, essays, journal or letter writing.

Professor Encourages Students to Pass Notes During Class -- via Twitter
He prefers to teach in classrooms with two screens — one to project his slides, and another to project a Twitter stream of notes from students. He knows he is inviting distraction — after all, he’s essentially asking students to pass notes during class. But he argues that the additional layer of communication will make for richer class discussions

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