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'Speegeeking' an Innovative Way to Do a Faculty Meeting on Technology Integration

"SpeedGeeking is just like Speed Dating - a way to quickly introduce people to a wide variety of new ideas in a short amount of time," defined this idea Kim Cofino.

This is the second time she and all members of the team at her place of work, organize successfully this kind of events. Teachers apparently were excited and energized by the discussion and it seems that "everyone found at least one thing that sparked their interest in the 30-minute session." Isn't tha great?

In along detailed post Cofino explains how to organize and develop a SpeefGeeking meet up and includes 5 reasons as for why she likes this short but effective reunions. Why not to emulate same process when you have a faculty at large and in need of speed up technology integration. Here Mrs. Cofino's reasoning:

  • Because we had so many groups, we were able to highlight so many teachers - we made sure to have some specialists present, as well as some teachers who had never worked with technology in their classroom before this year.
  • We enabled teachers to interact with others outside of their grade level. It’s amazing how rarely teachers get the opportunity to just talk with teachers outside of their team.
  • We focused on the positive, on the commonalities among our colleagues, on the successes that we all have in our classrooms every day. Sure, we can all be doing things better, but that doesn’t mean that amazing things aren’t happening already.
  • We empowered others who are not normally highlighted and we helped build networks and infrastructure for supporting teachers who may need assistance.
  • We laughed, a lot, together. How often can you say that about a faculty meeting?

That's more that enough to keep learning, writing and sharing the technolgy applied to education. Hat tip to Always Learning!

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