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Why Witing Your Own Dissertation Pays Down the Effort

No all of us want or like to write or use, in a good way, our skills learned either in school or in our daily activities. With enough instruments at hand, many if not most of our students today, are forgetting how handwriting is like. No more epistolary interchange, internet has come and the revolution is only comparable to the transition from the trivium to the quadrivium, to revolutionize that way we save and sustain knowledge and information in ths era.

To write or not to write? It is a general question for all students who are to make up their minds whether to choose or not to choose a writing dissertation. Everybody realizes the amount of difficulties that comes with writing a dissertation. What about the pros and cons of starting your dissertation work. Actually, the advantages of a dissertation writing work are obvious:

Writing a dissertation is a way to a scientific degree. If you think that science is your calling and your vision about the career of a professor in reputable University, then writing this dissertation is vital for you.

Writing is a big advantage for every career and for teacher is not less important. If you do not want to be a teacher, but want to follow a perfect career in any other field, writing a dissertation work will still be valuable for you. Every employer will understand that you are a knowledgeable and consequently valuable worker. If you have special interests in some fields, you will make huge research and you can regard yourself as a real expert of this field.

However, there are some drawbacks of a dissertation work that you need to consider too:

If you are a busy person who has a job, a wife, two kids and who knows a dog, then it is more probable that writing a dissertation is not for you. You simply will not have enough time and strength to do this work properly.

If you are a kind of person who cannot sit at one place and do the same work day by day for a long time, and belong to the Gen-X generation, then writing a dissertation can turn into an eternal punishment for you. That's what my son call it when I ask him to show me his drafts.

If you think that your education and the degree you have is enough for that particular career you would like to do, then it is not necessary to spend time on this kind of writing.

All and all, learning and practice of writing are not an obstacle for a really concerned person.

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