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Common Sense With Uses of Cellphones in Classroom

It turns out these little devices are useful. That must be why we use them so much.

Katie Hanifin is sad she cannot compete with Cornell University researchers. Students at Canastota High School in a number of 70 approx. will be given iPhones for the next month to be used during the school day. This is part of a nutrition project funded by Cornell, the students will be tracking their meals and relaying information.

In the article she wrote at Education Week,Teaching Generation Tech, Katie relates as what is it to be in her High School and how faculty deals with uses of cellphones:

    However, to many educators, the cell phone is the bane of our professional existence. My school has a no cell phone policy that is completely ignored by students and heavily debated by faculty. These devices are everywhere, either hanging out of the pockets of their low-slung jeans or glued between their ear and their shoulder.

    In the midst of a heated discussion on cell phone confiscation at a faculty meeting, where a prize was suggested for the teacher with the highest acquisition, at least one phone went off. We collectively looked around the room for the interruption, knowing it could very well have been our own.

Educators, stop banning cellphones in the schoolwork. Learn how to deal with it and introduce good uses of cellphone in the curriculum you had to develop or follow during an academic year.

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