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Obama's Budget Slashes a Critical “Change Agent” in Schools

On Friday May, 8th the Obama's administration released a new where they asserted a cut of Education Technology funding by 63%. Mike MGuhlin has been following events and wrote a interesting piece about why administrators as educators should switch to the Open Source movement.

What would you write for expectations for principals and teachers?
is a central questions he brings on. Mike challenges a Superintendent and a Curriculum Specialist to either "publish slideshow presentations to the Web instead of having your secretary do it" or "model differentiation of instruction for adult learners, as well as students in face to face and online professional learning environments."

We ask you to reflect on this paragraph and come to discussion on this topic:

    So, yes, if technology continues to be irrelevant to teaching, then cut it out. Excise funding on technology from the budget. If you're not going to make it a requirement, if you're not going to fire superintendents who dance around using technology except to put it in so that it looks like something is happening, if you're not going to require teachers to learn how to use it and CHANGE their teaching, if you're not going to transform curriculum specialists and how they work, then it's a waste of money.

I don't think I agree with Obama's administration decision even in though times but I have to second Mr. MGuhlin on the quoted paragraph.

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