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Education Today 05/05/2009

Top Tech skills a student needs to know | My Tech Reflection
10 things a students needs to know once they leave school; to survive in higher education, to get a job and to communicate and contribute in the global world.

Why Teachers Should Blog: An Example
Read a textbook for what it is worth; Call bulls**t when it seems facile or exclusionary; Do research online or elsewhere to verify/challenge the textbook's assumptions, or to discover a fuller account.

Taking a stand for education
Rekha is a little girl from India. She has refused to get married.What she wants is to get an education!

Teachers Pay Teachers
An empowering place where teachers buy & sell original and used teaching materials and make teaching an even more rewarding experience.

9 Swine Flu Educational Technology Multimedia from the U.S. Government
The CDC is actively investigating isolated human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) in several states (CA, TX, OH, KS, NY) and is working closely with Canada and Mexico and with the World Health Organization (WHO).

What happens to education during a pandemic?
James Sigler, Derrall Garrison, Doug Symington, Matt Montagne and others discuss issues surrounding pandemic planning in schools.

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