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MiFi to Replace Costly Cell Phone Plans

Is Verizon rolling out the thing that could kill the cell phone? From The Atlantic:

    Finally, there's a product that puts a wireless hotspot in your pocket: the MiFi, a battery-powered device the size of a thick business card that provides its own password-protected wireless network (NYT's David Pogue reviews here). This is cool for all the obvious reasons -- with MiFi in your pocket, your computer, phone, and iPod Touch are connected to the Internet whether you're on a road trip or the beach. But it's especially cool for a reason Pogue doesn't mention: It could signal the end of cell phones.

And as Derek Thompson assumes, the big question is how many costumed users are willing to jump service for a price almost comparable to a cell phone plan service? 

We are on the crowd of don't see, don't tell. As always changes are important even when such migrations take time to really take the fly. Good luck Verizon! 

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