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Research Book on Neuroscience And Learning

This post is originated after a tweet that was posted by @edtechcowgirl. We were checking our subscriptions and we found a book recommended by Clark Quinn that would fit Donna Feledichuk's necessities.

The book title is Why Don’t Students Like School and after reading the review made at Learnlets, his editor says the subtitle tells you a bit more about this book: “A cognitive scientist answers questions about how the mind works and what it means for your classroom”.

    ...In nine chapters (this isn’t a long book, just deep and relevant), he covers motivation, learning styles, cognitive skills, and more. He answers the core questions and the ancillary questions that emerge. And, no, I don’t agree with him on quite all of it (e.g. on making content meaningful, he’s concerned that too familiar or interesting tasks may overwhelm the intrinsic lesson), but I suspect we’d find if we sat down that we’re agreeing furiously.

    I have to say that if all my children’s teachers read this book, their schooling would be a lot better. If all our children’s teachers read this book, schools would be a lot better. So, if you’re a teacher, read this book. If you work with teachers, know teachers, or influence teachers, get them to read this book. And if you design learning experiences, even if you don’t actually teach, you should read this book.

    Cognitive science research oriented towards making better learning, in a digestable form. It doesn’t get much better than this. I have no higher praise for a book than 'I wish I’d written it', and I do. Highly recommended.
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