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Education Today 05/15/2009

  • Teacher gadgets New technology hits the classroom

    Promethean: It's an interactive white board that allows teachers to program lesson plans with a student participation component. It also allows teachers to program photos, graphics, or brief film clips and videos into a lesson plan, and the board can be used for any subject matter – math, social studies, history, etc.

  • Electronic bullying of students has real effect

    When it comes to bullying, computers and cellphones have become the near-perfect hiding place for teens who may not otherwise take the aggressive stance. While these threats tend to happen off school property and outside of the school day, the repercussions can affect classroom performance.

  • Debtor grad: ‘I wish I’d gone to prison’

    Going to college was “the biggest mistake of my life,” says Hernan Castillo... The 30-year-old California man earned an accounting degree but can’t find a new job, so he’s still working at a warehouse.

  • BLOGS: Best Posts Of The Day

    From David Brooks to Megan Meier...

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