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You Could Be Teaching Differently if it Weren't for ‘The Tests’

Students in New Jersey started this week the NJASK and they spent much time on rehearsals. Surely, at least one teacher in the Garden State will be saying: We could be teaching differently if it weren't for ‘the tests.’

Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant asserts that successful teaching and student achievement has little to do with tests and plenty with ourselves as educators. He asks: "Have we all forgotten that school has been boring for generations?"

Change and transformations in educations are not part of a gift. Since human being has started educating in a formal process, the student has been confronted with innumerable challenges. It has been the social revolutions which committed to education fundamental changes, not the governments. No Arne Duncan!

It's of shortsighted professionals to think that are the tests the instruments killing our creativity. They limit core curriculum at many schools, but teachers are the ones to improve and develop activities to meet students necessities. When inexperienced teachers start working they look for anything that make their lives easier and to honor their career. However, as years pass by, we do conform with the Establishment and forget about what our mission was: Teach and tech it differently no every academic year but on a daily basis.

Test slow many aspects of schoolwork but they are not absolutely the reason to stop our professional development and slow down our personal achievements as educators.

Do not blame the tests. It is us!

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