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Twitter Guide: Job Search And Personal Branding

This post appeared originally at The Bamboo Project and it is reproduced under Creative Commons license.

Twitter--the 140 character social networking site--is becoming increasingly useful for job seekers. It doesn't work for everyone, of
course, but it can certainly turbo-charge your networking, a key strategy for successful job hunting. It can also be an effective part of your personal branding campaign.

Here, then, is a (somewhat) definitive link guide to getting a new job (or losing your current one) through Tweeting. (I put this together for a client, so thought it would be nice to share).

Getting Started on Twitter - If you're new to Twitter. . .
- Newbie's Guide to Twitter
- Getting Started on Twitter in Plain English
- Surviving the Twitter Learning Curve
- An Illustrated Guide to Using Twitter
- 13 Twitter Tips and Tutorials for Beginners

Twitter Skills & Culture - You'd think it would be easy to type 140 characters and go, but like all social networks, Twitter has a culture that requires some skill to navigate. Ignore this section at your own risk.
- Twitter Vocab - note that using 'tw' in a word (as in tweeps instead of 'peeps' or twirting for 'flirting') is a fundamental Twittering skill. Or at least it shows you're one of the cool kids.
- 10 Twitter Etiquette Rules
- Top 7 Twitter Commands Everyone Should Know
- How to Use @Replies
- How to Retweet
- To Follow or Not to Follow: That is the Question
- 9 Useful Sites for Finding People to Follow on Twitter
- Find the Right People to Follow on Twitter
- How to Unfollow with Class
- The Twitter Hashtag: What is it and How Do You Use It? 
- The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags

Pimp Your Profile - Think of your Twitter profile as your "digital interview suit." First impressions count.
- Pimp my Twitter Page
- Twitter Avatars as Personal Branding
- How to Give a Personalized Touch to Your Twitter Page
- Develop a Twitter Landing Page
- Brand Your Twitter Profile Page
- TwitPaper: Free Twitter Themes, Backgrounds and Layouts

Twitter for Job Search - The nitty gritty of job searching on Twitter.

People and Sites to Follow
- Twitter Users Every Job Seeker Should Follow
- 50 People Every Job Seeker Should Follow on Twitter
- 50 Twitter Users to Follow for Your Job Search
- The Job Search "Twibe" (Twitter users interested in job search)
- Twitter Job Search Resources--job boards to follow, many for specific career areas.

Job Search Tips and Tools
- How to Find a Job on Twitter
- 15 Twitter Applications for Your Job Search
- Leverage Twitter for Your Job Search
- 5 Twitter Applications to Find Out Who is Hiring
- 50 Terrific Twitter Tips for Job Seekers
- The Beginner's Guide to Finding a Job with Twitter
- Use Twitter for Your Job Search
- The Twitter Job Search: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Case Studies
- Tweeting for a New Job: A Case Study
- How David Murray Found a New Job on Twitter

Twitter Brand Building - The Twitter job search is also about building your online brand.
- Twitter for Personal Branding: Getting Started
- 30 Minute Brand-Building for Twitter
- 10 Ways to be Useful on Twitter
- 7 Ways to Be Worth Following on Twitter
- 30 Personal Branding Experts on Twitter
- Personal Brand: How to Build Yours on Twitter
- Leveraging Twitter to Market Your Personal Brand
- Using Twitter Hashtags to Boost Your Credibility and Visibility

Twitter Fails - Twitter isn't rocket science. These mistakes can be avoided with a little forethought.
- The Top 10 Tweets to Get You Fired
- 13 Fatal Twitter Mistakes
- Top 7 Mistakes Twitter New Twitter Users Make
- 30 Ways to Lose a Job on Twitter

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    A big "Thank you Milton!" for the kind mention here in what has to be one of the best Twitter list of resources I have encountered. We truly appreciate the link, the mention, and the fact you are positioning yourself as a go-to source of value. Keep up the great work!

    Dean Guadagni
    Inner Architect

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