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Elementary Classroom Teachers Do Not Have a Strong Background in Math

While some researchers look for new Math Lab Experiences, others find meaning in the numerosity. That's not enough according to a Boston University disclosure of results of the state's licensing exam.

Is it true that U.S. Has Shortage of Math Teachers but it may be all caused by unpreparedness of math teachers countrywide.

The Boston Globe says that nearly 75 percent of teachers who were administrated a test back on March about algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, fail revamped section of state licensing test:

    Education leaders said the high failure rate reflects what they feared, that too many elementary classroom and special education teachers do not have a strong background in math and are in many ways responsible for poor student achievement in the subject, even in middle and high schools.

    Elementary school teachers, including those in charge of first-grade classrooms, are considered the front line of math instruction, providing the building blocks of computation and mathematical reasoning that students must master before tackling algebra, trigonometry, and calculus later in their academic lives.

If we lack of math teachers and those in the work field are failing, then we have to form and train new teachers or create incentives to attract and retain those who hold the best backgrounds.

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