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10 Free Site Exploration for Teachers

I haven't being able to compile large lists of online resources in order the post them here in Education & Tech. Despite of spending lengthy periods of time filtering and collecting information, I have almost never published lists as today we pretend. Most of our collection are laid on Delicious, Diigo and Twitter

The following are few of our recommended websites to explore and learn along other colleagues and students, in no particular order. If you are a teacher find a way they can help you seed your curriculum in some way, enhance your website, or even inspire you:

1. Easy Test Maker - Is a free online test generator to help you create your tests. You can create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true and false questions all on the same test. You can also insert instructions and divide your test into multiple sections.

2. Etherpad - This is a shared writing pad tool. Start a new writing pad, then send the address of it to anyone you want to collaborate with. You both can write on a document, chat about it, brainstorm together, etc. It’s not a word processor but a collaborative tool to work on something together.

3. Shortyawards - Useful now that many educators and specialists use Twitter. Search who is professionally 'tweeting' in Education or find more Teachers on Twitter.

4. Wetpaint - If you’ve considered blogging or wiki-ing but haven’t gotten started yet, check out Wetpaint. It is a very accessible Wiki site that resembles a web page and is easy to use and edit, with a nice layout and design.

5. Pivot Stickfigure - A great free tool that my son still loves. It is a very simple yet smart piece of software that allows students to animate a stickman using a frame by frame technique. A good supplement to those boys who love anime and manga fighting.

6. Teacher Led - Teacher Led offers a large collection of interactive white board resources and games on one of the subjects most teachers and students have concerns, math.

7. Learner.org - Explode your video library resources. Use qualified sites to fulfill your video cabinet with thousands of professional clips to enforce class concepts. I know it is not the only one, but it is run by professionals.

8. Merlot - Here teachers post their lessons and then get reviewed by peers. Covering all content areas, you can dig into high caliber lesson material for your new lesson or to revise an existing one.

9. Phonevite – It is an award-winning voice broadcasting service that sends out free phone reminders and alerts. You can send these reminders to yourself or to students, colleagues, and parents. One alternative is Google Voice.

10. Free Tech 4 Teachers – This is a blog specialized on tech in the classroom. Not long ago I turned onto this site, which has excellent new tools featured constantly, and serious lessons attached to the posts.

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  1. Some of these resources are very valuable, especially for teachers that would not consider themselves very tech-savvy. Etherpad is my personal favorite, since getting project groups together outside the classroom is not always the easiest thing to do. I'll have to check out some of the others.