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Duncan Has to Explain Why He Did Hype Inflated Test Scores

The Civic Committee of The Commercial Club of Chicago, a supporter of Duncan, revealed its research (pdf doc) results which have key findings of contradictory Chicago school reports issued by Obama and Duncan. 

The report's findings are "reminiscent of revelations from Houston in 2003 when state investigators found that 15 high schools had under-reported dropout rates under former superintendent Rod Paige, who by then was George W. Bush's Education secretary." 

 And to refresh your memory, the USA Today continues: "In December, Obama said that during a seven-year tenure, Duncan had boosted elementary school test scores "from 38% of students meeting the standards to 67%" — a gain of 29 percentage points. But the new report found that adjusting for changes in tests and procedures, students' pass rates grew only about 8 percentage points." 

Should we assume the President was misinformed again?

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