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8 Ways Schools in NY Are Using Wikis

Lisa Nielsen of The Innovative Educator brings to attention of her readers, an interesting post about how schools in New York are using wikis to "increase communication, collaboration, and enrich instruction."

She lists and explains 8 possible ways to get to this point:

1. Decrease disruption of instructional time with digital daily announcements.
2. More efficient and effective team meetings and planning.
3. Collaborate on important documents like school comprehensive education plans.
4. Enhance school professional development using a wiki.
5. Share and collaborate on curriculum maps.
6. Save trees /save time and unclutterize your room or office by posting school resources
7. Know where everyone is when schedules/programs are posted.
8. A portal for all your lessons.

For the explanation of what is a 'Wiki' and how to get started seting up your own free school wiki in 30 seconds, please visit The Innovative Educator.

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