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The Challenges 21st Students Are to Face

David Warlick comes to the conclusion, after two polls and his own experience, that teachers can do good without technology, term defined by Alan Kay as anything that was invented after you were born.

If teachers in this century are not required to use technology at their disposal, then what are the students challenges, bombarded with plenty of information, gadgets and application used not only in the classroom but out of their live experiences?

Warlick gives us insights as to what the 21st students are to comply to be considered literate:

    This changes what it means to be literate. It changes what it means to be a learner. Today, being able to read and write and pass a test are not enough. They are not nearly enough. Today our students must become information artisans, able to learn, work, play, contribute, and prosper in a new and constantly changing and enriching information environment, and do so in a way that conserves the planet — rather than consume it. We can not do this today by scratching and printing on pulp-based paper. Teaching and learning must be digital.

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