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Being a Good Teacher Doesn't Mean You Have to Go to an Ivy League School

Recently, I subscribed to Teachers....and teaching a very inspirational blog about stories of "teachers and their teaching" headed by Les Blackwell. I recommend to you reading the last three posts(or blogs as he likes to name them), beginning with this we are to speak about.

In a detailed manner, Blackwell explains why he thinks that you don't have to be enrolled into an Ivy League school, to become a successful professional of the education. He relates his experiences at the university he attended and how from hating philosophy of education and statistics, he went to love them once he was hired as Teaching Assistant for a professor he meet while trying to get his doctorate, Dr. Foster.

But what the blog inspires me is the statement that you don't have to go to an Ivy League school to get a proper education:

    First off, universities and colleges are like shoes....there are different styles and sizes for different folk. We're really at a basic question in teaching--what is the interaction between teaching and learning? How much cognition does a teacher have "to pour into a students mind" and "how much does a student have to ingest to learn?" For me an interesting question is how is a Harvard professor different from a UCLA professor or a Texas Tech professor. And who has the responsibility for the learning--the professor or the student. The word "professor" comes from the latin to "profess" or to declare publicly. Doesn't say anything about learning...

How many times yourself, someone from your family or even your own son lose hours of sleep, thinking you are a waste of a professional if you don't happen to get into one of these so called Ivy League schools. We are not a product of none of this respectable institutions but we have to agree to Les Blackwell, there are many education schools out there where you can get your Masters or Doctorate. What it really counts is the stamina you have to pursue your ideals and keep learning for the rest of your life.

Education only begins at schools. They certify your knowledge and may give you social status but the process of learning is continuously infinite.

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