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Education & Tech: News for Educators

  • Brownwood schools aim for paperless classrooms

    The district earned $500,000 with the state’s Vision 2020 Immersion grant that pays for every eighth-grade student to have a laptop as early as January. Blincoe (Brownwood Independent School District Superintendent) believes that grant probably came through largely because the district already dedicated about $1.2 million to equip all 1,000 high school students with laptops this fall.

  • Call for Papers: Technology & Social Media in education

    Some suggested topics are listed below:

    - Social and participatory media (e.g., blogs, wikis, microblogging, video sharing) in teaching & learning.

    - Mobile technologies, txting, or microblogging in learning, or implications for social justice & politics.

    - Practical or philosophical discussions on open content or open educational resources.

    - Implications & trends regarding open publishing & academia.

    - Online communities as formal and/or informal learning environments.

    - Openness and/or networks in teaching & learning.

    - Case studies of successful technology integration into learning environments.

    - Discussions of distance, online, distributed, or flexible learning models in practice.

    - Changing views & frameworks of knowledge and implications for education.

    - Social networks, participatory media, and the implications for information & media literacy.

    - Personal learning networks (PLNs), personal learning environments (PLEs) or related frameworks.

    - Other topics related to social media, technology, and education.

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