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Open-Access Educational Model "Enhances Traditional Media"

I agree to professor Peter McPhee from Melbourne University, who says that there is not "substitute for face-to-face learning". But at the same time I deeply disagree when he says that open-access courseware as those offered by MIT rather than replace, enhances traditional educational models. It goes opposite to what collaboration means and democratization of knowledge evolves(openness).

This assertion is at Ivy League on your laptop of http://www.theage.com.au/

For the quarter of the world's population that uses the internet, the Ivy League has never been so accessible. As Friedman argues, the internet revolution is making the world more 'flat'.

It is also creating many new possibilities in education. Teachers can use it to see how others teach, or play online videos in their own class. Students can try out universities before they enrol, or review material from a class they are already taking. MIT surveys show that 95 per cent of their incoming students have used open access courseware to try courses before enrolment.

Do you agree to the retired McPhee? Or you think the higher education one day be may provided with YouTube-style online videos such as Maris Beck reports.

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