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Popular Language Arts Literacy Message

We attended our first PT conference last night. We really enjoyed the enthusiasm from many of our Jr's teachers, especially the Science teacher and Language one. For our son, the Science teacher is 'cheesy' but for us, she was a very well motivated professional of the education.

Not much technology was in display, the typical retro-projectors and master conferences explaining to parents what was the assessments and what was expected from students in terms of discipline. We were surprised that being on a 4 floor building the poor kids had to 'come prepared' for their gym class in about only 7 minutes (Gym is located in the 1st floor). Mr. Pulsford told us, they need to act quickly and added, there are considerations as to what they were seeing as 'unprepared' and "late for class."

Mrs. Lanza handed out a Welcome Booklet and a small bag of cookies. What we found inside, was a cute poem comparing the sugar and flour in cookies to teacher and parents who work together. I think it really creates the rapport between teacher and parents (beyond the cookie plastic bag). We think it was a cute idea for Meet the Teacher Night. I hope someone can help me find who the author is.

The poem in reference can be found at Ms. Woodman's 3rd Grade Class Blog. For your convenience, it is reproduced here>

A Message for You

As sugar and flour come together to make
A wonderful cookie creation that you bake,
Parents and Teachers join as one
To create an educated daughter or son.

It takes lots of love, caring and understanding
But an individual will emerge who is special notwithstanding.
We will work together to help each child bloom
So they can grow and prosper as they learn in this room.

So I share this little confection with you as I say...
I am committed to helping your child grow each and every day.
Yes, the road is long, but the journey's begun
As we strive together to educate your daughter or your son.

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