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What Role Does/Should Social Media Play in Education?

That was the topic of tonight's fantastic conversation (#edchat) about one of the multiple parameters the education encloses.

The consensus was that social media should be modeled and utilized properly in the classroom. But to overcome success, teachers and administrators have to find a way around to work with the so spread filtering in schools

@tonnet tries to participate every Tuesday and he did so tonight. Here are some of the posts that he found interesting:

    In the classroom, Social Media can be used to bring experts, peers, etc into the classroom from anywhere in the world. @Digin4ed

    I agree with this completely - @tomwhitby: The perception mst people have of Twitter is that its a joke. @LeesaWatego

    A good number of colleagues see Twitter for chat only. They often are surprised by a good idea... Which I get from Twitter. @CotterHUE

    Social Media allows students to move away from only searching Google for answers/info and moving toward searching others for answers/info. @eduinnovation

And there were pretty thoughtful questions like this one:

    If a librarian in 1970 had ripped "objectionable" pages out of the New York Times would that have been "filtering"? @irasocol

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  1. an interesting thought... that last comment is pretty funny, but possibly for the wrong reasons. A comment I didn't see up there is that it should be used in a pedagogically sound manner, that is, we shouldn't be using social media because it's there, we should be using it because it brings a learning benefit to the program.