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Some of the Reasons Why Administrators Should Blog

After attending a workshop entitled Unleashing the Power of Web-Based Tools for Every School Leader: Using Digital Tools for Instruction, Communication, Community building, and Professional Development presented by Dr. Kathleeen P. King, Professor of Education at Fordham University. Iroquois Superintendent Neil Rochelle and Kimberly Moritz had to talk on the 'regional applications' of such tools. That is , more or less how Moritz started her post to announce she was starting a series of post about the reason as to why administrators should start raising their voices through a weblog.

While many people already are familiar with this powerful tool, it seems to me that very few administrators are using blogs to share experiences and knowledge. If you take a look on the Twitter stream referred to education administrators, there are only few posts. With every reason, http://billswartz.com/ asked to summit Twitter users acting under the administrators umbrella, but to our delight, there is someone else who already took the lead: Follow some educational administrators.

Back to the blogging benefits. The practice of blogging has tremendous power. Let me tell you that, as far as you keep writing about what you like, there is always the chance someone is reading what you have to say. Most importantly, when you have a blog, you have a voice, you have internet presence, that little by little grows and in the meantime gives you authority. Administrators are leaders, suffice to say it, they are in charge of many ongoing topics that may well be shared, reinforced or abandon, after listening (or reading for this matter) comments on their posts or at any social network they participate.

Reasons for Admistrators to Blog

From Kimberly Moritz BlogPosts' Blog:

1. Connect to other administrators.
2. Get your word out, influence thinking.
3. Perform transparency in leadership.

In any way, Blogging is Hard!

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