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miltonramirez dot com Says So Long to Its Readers

Definitely, this month marks an important date in our online life. For years, we have been maintaining this blog under different names but the last two, we decided to move it to our own website.

I assume my responsibility but I also believe Google Apps has to assume theirs. For those who have purchased their own web address via Google, know their sites must be renewed each year automatically or manually. We chose to do it automatically and had it expired on Jan. 6, 2010.

During last December we did cancel that payment with a credit card, and then we forgot about it. I receive hundreds of e-mails. I had seen some of Google but got no attention. They e-mailed me four opportunities notifying me that the payment had been canceled due to the credit card was not honored.

Yesterday, when I attempted to look at the page, surprise..., no more miltonramirez dot com. I followed the recommendations Google set on its help page and contact GoDaddy.com. They confirmed me that the site belongs now to a company in Illinois. How, I asked the representative? Was then that I hurried to review the payments and e-mails of Google Apps. It was too late, I've had lost my website.

As I do not make actually money, rather than economic impacts the damage was caused to the internet presence @tonnet has built. Back are left over one hundred entries and links pointing to my prior website. Thank you all for those links and please do not change links yet, I hope and expect to retrieve miltonramirez.com

Until then, please keep reading us in milt.blogspot.com. Bookmark the address so you can remember where to find us.

Apologies to you. My wish that this inconvenience does not happen or had ever happened to you.

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