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Web 2.0 Enables Connections And Provides a Community of Learners

Brave New World:

At the end of last year our school committed to embracing Web 2.0 technologies, and some teachers have begun to explore the potential of blogs, wikis and other platforms for teaching and learning. Others are still either reluctant, don’t see the relevance for their teaching, or consider the challenges in supporting Web 2.0 technologies greater than the benefits.

More and more often I find myself wondering how it is that educators can have such a different view of what education is about, and which skills are more important to students for their future. And how can we talk about learning outcomes before we procure for ourselves a comprehensive and consistent picture of the kind of world in which our students will be working and living? If we don’t inform ourselves, aren’t we way off the mark and therefore failing our students

For a comprehensive understanding of the value of Web 2.0 read the original article written by Tania Sheko.

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  1. I have been wondering about this very thing, how is it that educators can have such different views about what good education looks like? It is hard for me to discuss what will revolutionize education with educators who are unaware of the opportunities and tools available to them.