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What Is So Innovative About ICT in Schools?

Steve Wheeler, a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Plymouth, makes his point when he explains the three angles: The "flexibility and provisionally that supports learning across the sectors", "acknowledge that creativity is an important aspect of learning across the curriculum," and "learning technology is very effective in connecting people together."

We especially like that way he presents his case, What ICT actually means:

ICT - Information and Communication Technology - is more than just computers. In education, it’s really better referred to as 'learning technology' and I made my views clear about this recently in a blog post entitled Stop calling it ICT!. Whatever we call it, it’s a term that embraces an entire spectrum of tools, including the Internet and World Wide Web, telecommunications, cameras and audio, mobile phones, computer games, and other interactive devices in the classroom, such as Interactive Whiteboards, turtles and pixies (small programmable floor robots) and voting systems. We limit our vision if we simply see learning technology as computers, but I concede that computers are often the gateway into many of the above tools.

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