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Teachers Who Changed the World

This is a list of the 10 Teachers Who Changed the World, no the traditional ones but those who change not only students and their lives. These people are historic personalities who served their time and excel what they knew most.

We live in a period, where every person who call himself an educator, should think and reflect on every one of this historic figures: Confucius, Socrates, Albert Einstein, Friedrich Fröbel and more.

The introduction of the original post begins saying:

    There isn’t a person among us who hasn’t had their lives touched by a particular teacher. Teachers inspire us and help us realize our full potential. They help us to reach our goals, whether these goals are personal, professional or academic. Throughout history, teachers have improved our quality of lives through education and have done so without the need for praise or personal recognition. It is their dedication and hard work that improved the lives of their students and enriched the community in which they lived and worked.

How many of us are the dedicated and hard workers teachers which this introduction tries to highlight?

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