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Why I Haven't Been Updating this Blog

Back in February 2010, I lost my primary domain miltonramirez dot com for reasons I already explained back then. I've been waiting to recoup my old address until June. According to the disclaimer held by Google Apps, once you lose your domain you have to wait 180 days to it goes public on demand. 

The time has passed and why I found out was the old miltonramirez dot com now belongs to another registrant other than the original which bought it in February. As I said then, and I repeat it now, the registration of the web address is a whole scam. Watch for your site and if you fail to update your registration on time, forge it. They will ask for an eye on your face. 

So, beginning break school period and with good spirits, on Independence Day I want to officially notify you of my new web address: educationandtech.com Please update your bookmarks, links, and subscriptions. As much as I deplore to cause you this inconvenience, I didn't have another way around.

If you happen to have me on your blogrolls, the redirection of milt.blogspot.com is up and working. 

Since I have to update scripts and applications used in Education & Tech (now more SEO efficient) you'll probably find some dead links and bugs. I am working thoroughly to solve these issues. But, I would appreciate you e-mail me to let me know of any problems.

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