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Cyberbullying: Help Teachers Start to 'Feel' Risk Differently Rather Than Just Conceptualising it.

Evan MacIntosh comments on this PEW report and we found it worth sharing these lines:

According to the PEW research, bullying does happen more at school than online. This is apart the fact that some parents are still clueless about this problem.

    School is by far the most common place youth report being bullied (31%) versus elsewhere (e.g., 13% online)

    The prevalence rate of Internet harassment (both perpetration and victimization) appears to be stable (2006-2008).

    The majority (59%) of Internet harassment comes from other minors

    Youth who report being harassed online report a myriad of concurrent psychosocial problems offline, too.

    What does this all mean in terms of the risk of sharing and communicating with the wider world web?

    It would seem that the problems associated with sharing on the web are a) very small in number and b) related to bullying going on already in school. But more importantly, the web provides an environment through which to collaborate that is, in many respects, safer than the physical environments of the school institution. What else have you spotted in this research and how does it relate to your own perceptions of risk?

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